Monday, 18 March 2013

Xen Tan Moroccan Tan | Review

If you've had a gander back at my previous posts, you may be aware that I've been in a long term relationship with Xen Tan for two years now. After being let down by so many other fake tans, they've really been my saviour. After finishing my most recent bottle of Xen Tan Absolute Luxe Dark Lotion, I decided to switch it up and ordered the new Moroccan Tan formula, knowing that with it being Xen Tan, it wouldn't disappoint. And I was right!

In all honesty, I didn't research the product at all before purchasing, I had some vague knowledge about the formula - the fact that it contained argon oil and provided a super dark colour - but other than that I had just expected a similar consistancy and pay off to the Absolute Luxe... and here is where the product really blew me away!

If any of you have tried the Absolute Luxe, you'll know that the colour pay off is great - it's really dark and lasts a long time without fading patchy - and you really can't fault it in that respect. But you'll also know what I mean when I say that it could be a pain to apply, as there was no colour guide and the product itself was quite thick and sticky, consiquently it took a while to dry. I had non of these problems with the Moroccan Tan, to the contrary it was perhaps the nicest and easiest formula of tan to apply that I've ever tried. 

As you can tell by the above, it's really dark in colour and so you get a reasonable colour guide. And the smell! It's advertised as tropical, to me it smells like pure coconut bliss! Which makes a welcome change from smelling like mouldy digestive biscuits. Finally, a fake tan that actually smells nice, who'd have thought?

Now for the pay off, which is really what you clicked on this link to see. The below pictures are a before and after that I took in natural light, although you can tell that my skin is definitely darker, I feel the after picture didn't really capture how dark the tan actually was.

Worth the hype?

Yes! Move over Absolute Luxe, you have been replaced. This really is an amazing product and as much as I rave on to anyone who will listen about how great Xen Tan is, it's actually because I really believe that, for me, no other fake tan brand out there right now compares. The price is a bit expensive, coming in at £24.99 for 236ml, but you're getting what you pay for. Products such as St. Mortiz and other cheap tanning products may not break the bank, but I find them drying and unreliable, where as I know when I apply Xen Tan at night that I will wake up with a beautfil, natural tan that will last a good 4-5 days (not a week as advertised but hey, I'm not complaining).

Have any of you tried the Moroccan Tan? What are you're thoughts?


  1. I was going to buy the absolute luxe tan but would you say this is much better then?

    B xxx

    1. As an over all product yes. The colour pay offs are really similar, but when you take into account that the Moroccan Tan is easier to apply, quicker to dry and doesn't have that weird fake tan smell, it makes it a better all round product. I don't think I'd go back to the Absoluxe now!


  2. This looks really good :) I hate the fake tan smell, so this sounds like it would be good :) xxx

  3. Is the after picture before or after you showered?